How to perform Tayammum

Make sure that you have pure, dusty soil unused before in tayammum (figure-1-).

1. It is recommended to say بسم الله . It is an obligation to strike the soil with your palms. Make the intention: “I intend to perform tayammum to make performing the obligatory prayer permissible” while transferring the soil until it touches your face (figure-2-).

2. Pass the soil on all of your face (figure-3-).

figure-1- figure-2-
figure-3- figure-4-

3. Strike the soil again and pass it on both hands and forearms, including the elbows. It is recommended to pass it on the right arm first then the left (figure-4-). It is an obligation to make sure that the soil on the left hand reaches all the parts of the right arm and conversely (figure-5-8).

figure-5- figure-6-
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