Invalidators of the Prayer

In addition to leaving out the obligatory parts, there are other matters that invalidate the prayer. They must be known to be avoided. Among these matters are:

  1. Saying words other than the words of the prayer intentionally, remembering that one is praying, and knowing that it is forbidden to do so.
  2. Making many moves for a time that is enough to make one rak^ah.
  3. Performing an excessive move, such as an excessive jump.
  4. Adding an extra obligatory action such as making two ruku^s or three sujuds in one rak^ah, on purpose and while remembering that one is praying.
  5. Making one move with the intention of playing, such as to extend one’s tongue or to wink playfully.
  6. Eating or drinking, even a small amount while remembering one is praying.
  7. Invalidating one’s ablution, such as passing gas or urine.
  8. Intending in the heart to interrupt the prayer. Intending to interrupt it if a specific matter happens, such as if one holds: “If the door bell rings I will interrupt my prayer”, invalidates the prayer immediately.