The Jama^ah (Congregational) Prayer


It is very rewardable to perform the five obligatory prayers in congregation. This can be done in the masjids (mosques) and elsewhere. In the congregational prayer one person (imam) leads the prayer, with one (ma’mum) or more persons following him. The reward of the prayer performed in congregation is 27 times that of the one performed individually, as mentioned in the hadith narrated by Imam Muslim:

( صلاة الرَّجل فى الجماعة َ تزيد على صلاته وحده سبعا وعشرين ) رواه مسلم.

While following the imam in the congregational prayer:

  • Your heels must not be ahead of those of your imam. It is recommended that they be behind those of the imam.
  • Say your opening takbir only after the imam has finished saying his opening takbir.
  • Have the intention to follow the imam. For example, intend in the heart to follow the imam, praying the obligatory Dhuhr prayer.
  • It is recommended that you wait for the imam to change his position before you go to that same position.